Recent Events
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PODER joined the Southwest Workers Union, Grassroots Leadership, and No Wall-
Big Bend in a protest outside of Rep. Ciro Rodriguez’ office in San Antonio, Texas on
July 17, 2008.  The groups carried a message to Rep. Ciro Rodriguez to denounce
his support for the SAVE Act which contains provisions to further expand the border
wall and family detention centers.  The SAVE Act contains inhumane strategies to
address the complex issue of migration to the U.S.
No Border Wall! No Family Detention Centers!!
San Antoino, TX 7-15-08
(Photo:  Jessica Wilson & Susana Almanza, Chavelo & Christino Herrera)

PODER receives grant from Keep Austin Beautiful for the Oak Springs Water
Quality and Preserve Project, located at 3101 Oak Springs.  This 5.997 acre
tract contains natural springs, native plants, wetland, and huge beautiful Oak
trees. In 2005 it was a proposed site for a paved shopping center that would
have included a dollar store, two fast food joints, and two other 4,000 square
foot retail stores.  PODER and area residents (with the assistance of
Councilman Mike Martinez) protested the plan and convinced the City to
purchase the site to protect it from destruction.  The site has a partial trail and
benches.  PODER along with other groups plan to educate the community about
this treasure and engage people in its restoration, maintenance, and use by
families as a green space.

You may visit  Keep Austin Beautiful at keepaustinbeautiful.org
3rd Social Forum of the Americas
Over 10,000 people attended the 3rd Social Forum of the Americas- Otro Mundo Es
Posible! (Another World is Possible!) in Guatemala – October 7 – 12th , 2008.  The
Forum was recognized as the “Foro de la Resistencia!” (The Forum of Resistence!).  
A ceremonial Blessing by the Mayans and revolutionary music opened the hearts
and spirits of those attending the forum.  “Somos Americanos, Somos en Canto”,
were the words that spoke to the crowds.
Festival De Las Plantas
PODER's 2008 Holiday Fundraiser
Thanks to all who attended!
Oak Springs Preserve Clean-up & Community Planting
Sunday 11/23/08---THANK YOU!
PODER would like to express heartfelt gratitude to all of our wonderful volunteers
and donors from Austin Bible Fellowship, Booker T. Washington Housing, and all the
community members who came out to pick up trash, clear weeds and debris, and
plant native trees and perennials at the Springs.  Together we transformed the
preserve into a friendly green space and planted nearly 400 plants and trees in the
flowerbeds along the trail. We could not have done this without them, and we
encourage folks in East Austin to get involved and enjoy this East Austin treasure.  
Please contact
carmen.llanes@gmail.com or call 472-9921 for info on future events
and volunteer opportunities at Oak Springs Preserve.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and civil rights activist; he received
the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968).
Austinites celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day  on Monday, January 19, 2008.
MLK March 1-19-09, Austin Texas
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in the spirit of our President-Elect's
call for a day of service young people from American Youthworks/Environmental
Corps  partnered with PODER and Treefolks to plant trees and clear trash at
Oak Springs Preserve (located at 3160 Oak Springs Dr, at the corner of Airport
Blvd) on January 17, 2009.
On Wednesday, the day after President Barack Obama’s inauguration, members of
the Austin and San Antonio communities  joined in a national day of action to tell the
incoming administration that we are still hoping for real change we can believe in with
a rally at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Antonio.
Rally participants recognize this as a historic moment of change and are asking
President Obama for support and action during his first 100 days of his presidency to:
1) End the family detention policy
2) End immigration raids
3) End Operation Streamline
4) End construction of the border wall and
5) End ICE-local law enforcement collaboration.
Anti-Immigrant Policies
- San Antonio, Texas
ICE Office
Cesar E. Chavez "Si Se Puede!"
March and Rally held on Saturday, March 28th
Cesar E. Chavez is one of the most important leaders of the 20th century. His legacy
of workers rights, civil rights, environmental justice, equality for all, peace,
non-violence, children and women's rights, deserves national recognition.

Cesar Chavez inspired millions of people across the country of all races and
nationalities to engage in social & economic justice for farm workers.  His life work to
empower the poor & disenfranchised is a model for all.
Oak Springs Trail Building
Thanks Austin Bible!
PODER's Young Scholars for Justice
PODER's Young Scholars for Justice (YSJ) held a protest at the Pure Casting
Facility, located at 2110 E. 4th Street on June 10th, 2009.  Afterwards the YSJ went
door-to-door distributing information to area residents on how to file a complaint with
the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) if area residents are
exposed to odor, dust, and/or noise pollution from the Pure Casting Facility.
7th Annual Festival de las Plantas
Traditional healing and practical uses of medicinal plants
Patagonia in Austin held their “Vote Your Choice” Environmental Campaign in
October and PODER  competed with 2 other local environmental organizations for
the chance to win $2,500!  PODER won the second prize of $1,500 from Patagonia.  
PODER thanks all of you for your vote and support.
Tanks But No Tanks
The 1992 campaign to close the fuel
storage facilities in East Austin,
known as the “Tank Farm,” was an
issue that brought grassroots
empowerment and bridged east and
west Austin environmentalists.

PODER would like to thank all our
supporters for attending our 18th
Anniversary of the Tank Farm
Closure. We would also like to send
an extra special thank you to our
East Austin Tank Farm Story
Cesar E. Chavez
"Si Se Puede!" March
Saturday March 27th, 2010
Cesar E. Chavez is one of the most important leader of the 20th century. His legacy
of workers rights, civil rights, environmental justice, equality for all, peace,
non-violence, children and women's rights, deserves national recognition. Cesar
Chavez inspired millions of people across the country of all races and nationalities to
engage in social & economic justice for farm workers.
Photo Credit - Rene Renteria
Mother Earth Day Celebration
Thursday April 22, 2010
PODER — 2604 E. Cesar Chavez St.
PODER’s YSJ Gabriel Padilla Wins EPA Video Contest

Gabriel Padilla, one of PODER’s Young Scholars for Justice,
was recently awarded the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA)’s, “Faces of the Grassroots” video contest.  This contest
challenged amateur and professional filmmakers to create
videos that capture the faces of the environmental justice
movement.  The “Faces of the Grassroots” contest is an
opportunity to publicly exhibit creativity with environmental
justice stories and connect with others working to raise
awareness of the movement.
Gabriel’s video focused on PODER’s success in shutting down
the Holly Street Power Plant in 2007, and the importance of
grassroots organizing through health surveys, protests, and
leadership development.  PODER would like to thank Gabriel
Padilla for his dedication in capturing PODER’s history and for
submitting his creative video to the EPA.
We are very proud and grateful!
Gabriel’s video can be seen on youtube:
Box Gardens
In search for community sustainability, PODER is empowering community members
with Box Garden Demonstrations. Box Gardens are simple, unique and versatile
system that adapt to all levels of experience, physical ability, and geographic location.
Residents will have the option to fill their box garden with beautiful/medicinal flowers,
herbs and/or luscious vegetables.