Industrial manufacturing has powered civilization for the past century. However, the impact of manufacturing on the environment and humans have also been significant. Byproducts of sizeable industrial manufacturing have affected the environment and humans in various ways, including:

Global Warming

  • Industrial activities are a primary cause of the planet’s rising temperature. Toxic materials and gases are used and released into the atmosphere. These gases absorb solar radiation and increase the temperature of the earth. Global warming causes rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and potential extinction of species, among other hazards.

Air Pollution

  • Toxic gases from industries pollute the air and increase the risk of respiratory ailments, heart conditions, lung cancer, etc.

Water and Soil Pollution

  • Illegal and unregulated dumping of contaminated water and other industrial manufacturing substances into major waterways negatively impact aquatic life. Dumping industrial wastes into landfills can pollute the soil, affect crop yield, and contaminate the products we consume.


Poder Texas is a nonprofit research consortium based in East Austin, Texas. Our research focuses on large biomedical and tech industries in Texas and their effects on the environment. The federal government primarily funds our work. Our primary interests cover issues relating to industrial manufacturing’s impact on the social, economic, biological, and environmental well-being of members of East Austin’s communities of color.

Along with the largest US-owned semiconductor manufacturers and local authorities, we also organize workshops and seminars to educate members of the community on the impacts of industrial manufacturing. We also participate in protests against companies we deem not to be adhering to safe manufacturing and disposal standards.

We also partner with a team of legal experts to provide legal counsel and representation for individuals who have legitimate grievances against the companies.