Poder-Texas History

Historically, communities of color, Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Native Americans, have been disproportionately affected by toxic contamination. At the same time, our communities have not benefited equitably from these industries. As we look into our own backyard, we see a power plant, fuel storage tank farms, refineries, lumber companies, and most recently, high tech industries which emit their pollutants into the air we breath, the water we drink and the earth that sustains us. We believe a safe and healthy environment is a fundamental right.

In this period of Globalization, there is a need to redefine national and international goals with a broader vision, a vision which honors the sacredness of human life and the environment. We must, therefore, work to create a safe and healthy environment within our own communities and support the efforts of others to do so in communities around the country and the world. Only then can we restore global environmental harmony.