Must-Carry Food for an Environmental Walk

Several strategies have been put in place to save the planet, including environmental walks. Some have bore fruit while others it’s still a work-in-progress.

The nature walks are comfortable and less violent compared to most activist options. Most people participate in the noble action for two purposes; one is to improve their physical health- workout activity. Secondly, it’s to be part of the great course- environmental awareness.

As you strive to reach the world on the theme of the walk, it’s important to take care of your health.

The action needs high energy levels and resilience to sustain the harsh climatic conditions.

However, at the end of the day, as an environmentalist, you find some degree of peace and harmony within yourself.  

How well should you prepare for the environmental walk?

  • Ensure you are physically and emotionally fit
  • Drink plenty of water and carry some to stay hydrated
  • Engage in physical activities before the date
  • Get friends and family for emotional support
  • Eat and carry some food to boost your energy
  • Have some energy drinks to stay rejuvenated throughout the walk

The day-long activities involve proper planning and execution. Some of the prior plans are meant for the organizers; others are at an individual level.

As an organizer, you need to check on the energy need of the participants and guests.

Although the public always volunteers to take a walk, it’s upon you to check how you can make a guest as comfortable as possible despite the tough operation.

With this, you need to look at how they will eat prior and after the meals.

The Must-carry foods for an Environmental walk

Food is one of the simplest and most effective ways to amaze your guest. How is this possible?

You definitely expect a high number of visits whom you may not host them in an indoor setup.


Why not let your caterer make some pizza in an outdoor oven to allow your guests to sample the smoked meals?

Did you know that pizza is a balanced diet? It has proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

A piece of an oven-fried pizza is a good meal before the event to give them the energy and after the event to replace the energy lost.

Why pizza?

  • It’s an antioxidant responsible for blood pressure reduction
  • The 12g protein content helps to provide the right energy level
  • Prevents fatigue and related health complications
  • High folate level in vegetable gives a brain boost
  • Vitamins support proper blood circulation

Pizza is a complete meal. Once you prepare it for your guests, you only need to budget for drinks. You can go an extra mile and pack it for them to carry for the day-long trip.

Fried foods

Similarly, fried food is also a good option. Get an air fryer and make simple fried foods that they can eat to their fill.

One advantage of fried food is that you can carry and have a bite as you continue with the walk. Is that not a good idea?

As much as health practitioners warn users of overconsumption of fries, it has advantages to a walker.

We are talking about the benefits of this specific day and not its daily use. Here are some of them

  • Has high calorie to give you the energy requirement
  • The high calorie is broken down in the physical activity promoting overall good emotional and physical health
  • Supports easy digestion enhancing their comfort

Healthy snacks

Fatigue is common for such walks. At times, the trail may be up the hill; at one point, some of the participants may not reach the final destination.

Healthy snacks as you move on to the finish line come in handy. Remember, bodies have different needs.

Some may bear hunger and still maintain their muscle strength while others may not.

As a participant, listen to your body needs and have some healthy snacks in your bag, just in case you can’t endure the hunger, yet you still want to be part of the people in the finish line.

Healthy snacks are mostly fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals.

Smoked dishes

Real food is vital for this event. At the same time, you need to check on the preparation and how you pack it.

Therefore, a smoked dish is the best option for high foods to pack for the mission. They have the same benefits as the ones for fried foods.

One unique thing about this food category is that the sweet aroma and the taste of the smoked meal entice your guest to eat and get the right energy.

Energy drinks and water

Hydration is essential before and after the food. It’s a walk. Did you know that walking is a much strenuous activity than running?

Yes, it’s slow, and you don’t feel the effect at that time. At the end of the day, you notice that all your muscles are aching, which explains this scenario.

As an environmental walk organizer, have people at a specific point who give water to participants to encourage them to complete and replace the lost water through sweat.

Not everyone loves water; some may want to drink, but the body refuses to have it. This category of people may do well with energized drinks.

The sweetened liquids contain glucose, which is directly absorbed in the bloodstream to provide the necessary energy for the function. Here are other benefits

  • Prevent the uncomfortable dry mouth
  • Cool the body
  • Supports proper working f the muscles
  • Cleanses the inner and the outer body parts
  • Promotes overall good health

The last excuse you should have for not participating in an environmental walk is fatigue. Don’t sit at home, not making your voice heard simply because of your misconceptions. Get up, dress in the casual attire, pack your food, water, and take that step of faith to save the planet earth.